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Dragonflies, damselflies and moths – unlocking the mystery of aging?

Aging is an unavoidable fact of life and one which science hasn’t fully explained but ecology Prof. Tom Sherratt is hoping dragonflies, damselflies and moths will help solve the mystery. “If natural selection is so good at finding solutions to problems and optimizing, why is it that our bodies fall apart?” asks Sherratt, who has been studying insects as part of his research on aging. “If we can do something … Continue 

Viewpoint by Roseann O’Reilly Runte — Something special happening on Carleton’s campus

There must be something special in the air at Carleton. A gentle zephyr intertwining excellence and kindness seems to hover over the campus affecting Continue 

Hoo slam dunk for 2009 OUA Women of Influence award

It’s nothing for Julie Hoo to be up at dawn for practice, spend the afternoon on school work and then watch a lecture on a bus as she travels to a weekend game. It’s the 22-year-old’s ability to balance her time playing for the Continue 

Family suffers in the work-family equation, says Duxbury

Carleton business professor Linda Duxbury wrote the book on balancing work, family and life. In fact, she and Chris Higgins of the University of Western Ontario have just released the sixth and final work-lifestyle study, commissioned by Health Continue 

Carleton catches Barack Obama fever

It would be a visit of a lifetime. When U.S. President Barack Obama makes his first first visit to Ottawa on Feb. 19, Carleton hopes he accepts an invitation to stop by campus. “We hope that President Obama and the First Lady will be able to Continue 

Community service in Mexico – spring break style

Going to Mexico for spring break might not sound out of the ordinary, but for 25 Carleton students it is going to be extraordinary. “They’re giving up their spring break to do something that is not the definition of conventional Continue 

Print journalism’s days numbered: former Toronto Star publisher

For centuries, newspapers have offered a voice to the vulnerable and have uncovered countless travesties that might have otherwise gone undiscovered. But print Continue 


Here are the Carleton employees, both academic and non-academic, who retired either on or after January 1, 2009. Karen MacKinnon, English Imelda Mulvihill, Equity Services Fred Barrett, Mechanical & Aerospace Continue 

Unique Institute of African Studies launched

Carleton has launched a new Institute of African Studies – one of the few universities in Canada to have such a program. “We are one of the few, if not the only institute…in the sense of having a stand-alone institutional presence Continue 

Foundry program gives life to big ideas, dreams

Carleton’s Foundry Program brings big ideas and dreams to life. “It’s for students and faculty with cool ideas who are just starting out and want to see those ideas become reality,” says Luc Lalande, who started the Foundry Continue 

Design students help reinvent Congress 2009

In May, Carleton hosts the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences – Canada’s largest inter-disciplinary gathering – bringing more than 8,000 academics from here and abroad to campus for wide-ranging presentations and workshops. It Continue 

Top ecologists help Carleton celebrate Darwin’s legacy

Some say Charles Robert Darwin has had the greatest single impact on Western thought and culture since the mid-1700s. The 19th century British naturalist’s co-discovery of the evolution of species through natural selection revolutionized the Continue 

Fun and games: library promotes game literacy

Most of us play games for fun so an academic game collection might seem like an oxymoron. But students in game development or interactive multimedia design programs need to understand the educational aspects and technology of gaming, which is why Continue 

Mass relief with news that bus strike is over

Although the OC Transpo bus strike is over, it could take weeks before bus service is fully restored. During the strike, Carleton and the three other post-secondary institutions in the region offered a shuttle service to students. That service will Continue 

First Bell Chair

Dr. William Cross has been appointed the first Honourable Dick and Ruth Bell Chair for the Study of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy at Carleton University. The Bell Chair, which resides in the political science department, will initiate courses and conferences to promote a better Continue 

Neufang to Fields

Matthias Neufang, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (Programs and Planning), has been appointed to the position of Interim Deputy Director of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Science. The Fields Institute is renowned for promoting mathematics within Canada by Continue 

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