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Sparking new discoveries in fire safety

Fire is one of nature’s greatest paradoxes. A basic necessity for survival – it is also one of nature’s most destructive forces, and Carleton’s George Hadjisophocleous will be heading a new research facility to help reduce damage that can result from one of the world’s most primitive elements. “The destructive power of fires can be such that sometimes you feel so small and powerless to interfere,” says Hadjisophocleous, Carleton Professor … Continue 

Transition and triumph

With the implementation of the Banner system, the centralization of Registrarial Services, and coping with the implications of the double cohort, University faculty, staff, and students are right on track with what management experts call a “five-step psychological process” for accepting change. The first phases, denial and resistance, have both been overcome. Carleton is now passing through the acknowledgment and acceptance phases, while steadying the pace towards the final phase, … Continue 

Carleton physics research reaches new heights – two kilometres underground

t just might be that the closer you get to the centre of the Earth, the more you can learn about how it all began. On December 1, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) awarded Carleton University $38.9 million to administer a new underground research facility called SNOLAB. This was the largest of the nine international funding awards granted by the CFI. The new facility will allow researchers from around … Continue 

Athletics facts

Carleton’s Head Athletics Therapist Bruce Marshall to represent Carleton/Canada at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens— As of November 2003, the Carleton Ravens men’s basketball team had a 27 game winning streakFrom – Continue 

In the News

The Canada Foundation for Innovation awarded $38.9 million to Carleton University on December 1 to administer the new SNOLAB. The story garnered all kinds of local and national media attention. Three members of the Carleton SNOLAB team: David Sinclair (above), the new Director of SNOLAB, Continue 

Wednesday, January 14 to Friday, January 30

Events calendar – carleton.ca/events Wednesday, January 14Rheal Brant-Hall Memorial Lecture by Cindy Blackstock The fourth annual Rheal Brant-Hall Memorial Lecture will be presented by Cindy Blackstock, who will speak about the First Nations Continue 

If the average temperature in a region rises by one degree, will we really notice?

Carleton University faculty and staff experts answer life’s perplexing questions. Chris Burn, Professor in Carleton’s Department of Geography and Continue 

The Rideau Canal – a capital advantage

Despite the fact Carleton University Economics Professor Frances Woolley lives a fair distance from work, she hasn’t bought a parking pass on campus in nine years. That’s because she skates to work – well, in the winter anyway. In the summer Continue 

“People do not have expiry dates” – the case against mandatory retirement

The lead article in the December issue of University Affairs, “Rethinking the rules on retirement,” addressed mandatory retirement. It is Continue 

The faces of Carleton

Carleton has many dedicated employees. In each issue of Carleton NOW, we will introduce a person or team from the Carleton community in an effort to showcase the many outstanding individuals that contribute to the University’s many accomplishments. From recruitment publications to Continue 

Where are they now?

In 1995, then Minister of Finance, Paul Martin announced Canada’s first balanced federal budget in more than 20 years, and Carleton University Alumnus Richard Paton played an important role in helping him get there. At the time, Paton was the Deputy Secretary of the Program Branch of the Continue 

Nordic ski team looks forward to another successful season

After both the men’s and women’s nordic ski teams winning the Canadian College and University National Championships (CCUNC) in 2003, both teams are looking forward to a similar track record this year. Last year’s win made it three seasons Continue 

Carleton Ravens starlit fall season

Carleton Ravens enjoyed an ‘all-star’ studded fall semester, with a total of 11 Carleton athletes rising to all-star status in men’s and women’s soccer, men’s rugby, women’s field hockey and men’s waterpolo. In other achievements, the Continue 

Carleton student tells his story from the campaign trail

The fall of 2003 was one of the most memorable seasons of my life. Participating in an election is truly something I would encourage everyone to experience. When I originally decided to run for Council in the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley, I had Continue 

All systems are “go” as final Banner module “goes live”

On January 1, the final module of Carleton’s Banner system slid into place. By mid-month, Human Resources will use it for the first time to administer Continue 

Carleton’s Foundry Program breeds success

Carleton’s Foundry Program recently celebrated its growing success with over 200 members of the Ottawa business community. The event recognized the volunteers that help make the Foundry Program such a success, and showcased three companies Continue 

Reaching out in the north

“What’s remarkable about this program,” says Cam MacGregor, a consultant with the Training and Development Division of the Government of Nunavut (GN) Department of Human Resources “is the belief of every partner — Carleton, the GN and the students — that this is absolutely the Continue 

From Carleton to Kathmandu

Too few graduates, chasing too many jobs. It may not sound like a common scenario these days, but in Canadian social work, a critical lack of Ph.D. programs is starting to raise warning signs. If a proposal by Carleton’s School of Social Work to Continue 

School of Social Work proposes development of Ph.D. program

Too few graduates, chasing too many jobs. It may not sound like a common scenario these days, but in Canadian social work, a critical lack of Ph.D. programs is starting to raise warning signs. If a proposal by Carleton’s School of Social Work to Continue 

Ph.D thesis examinations

Sprott School of Business Monday, January 5, 2004 9:00 a.m. 701 Dunton Tower Candidate: Gregory Stephen Richards, (B.P.E., M.A., M.B.A, Ottawa) Thesis: A Multi-level Examination of the Role of Middle Managers in Developing Absorptive Capacity Sprott School of Business Friday, January 9, 2004 Continue 

An ‘art-felt’ farewell

What’s the best way to pay tribute to someone who’s been involved in the art world for his entire career? With a piece of art, obviously. A special portrait of Michael Bell, who recently retired as Director of the Carleton University Art Continue 

Carleton’s Chris Burn looks at Canada’s changing northern climate

Changes in the permafrost layer could alter major construction and infrastructure in the Far North including potential plans to proceed with a pipeline to Continue 

News briefs

Arts and Science Three Carleton professors, Albert Halsall (French), David Sinclair (Physics), and Jill Vickers (Political Science) were inducted into the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) on November 24. The RSC Fellowship recognizes those who are highly distinguished in their field and is the Continue 

Carleton students help keep an eye on ‘the Ottawa’

For the past year, fourth-year Environmental Studies students have had a new and unique opportunity to take their knowledge and see if it floats. All Honours Environmental Studies students are required to complete a half-credit practicum before Continue 

About Carleton NOW

Posted Jan. 16/04 Carleton NOW is published monthly (except July) by Advancement through the Department of University Communications. Views expressed or implied do not necessarily reflect official University policy. Submissions are welcome, but Carleton NOW reserves the right to edit and Continue 


In December’s article “Cohen nomination sets tone for international reporting,” we listed Carleton University Governor General Literary Award winners and nominees. Unfortunately, we neglected to recognize French Professor Patricia Smart, who won in the French category “études et Continue 

Measuring our performance

The New Year brings new resolutions and new goals. At Carleton, we have some very ambitious goals, namely, to be the best comprehensive university in Canada. But what does this mean and how will we know when we get there? First, we need a solid set Continue 

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