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NSERC grants total $4.8 million

Carleton’s research capability continues to grow. On June 2, the University was awarded over $1.3 million in additional research funds, by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). This brings the total to 56 NSERC grants worth more than $4.8 million, over the next 5 years (see list). NSERC discovery grants are awarded to both new and established researchers. These funds allow university professors to develop the … Continue 

Professor named top “Capital Educator”

Psychology Assistant Professor Dr. Joanna Pozzulo has won the Capital Educators’ Award given by the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI). The award recognizes currently practicing educators who have made a significant impact on a student’s life. Pozzulo was one of five Carleton University professors nominated for the award. Susan Gottheil, Associate Vice-President of Enrolment Management was part of the selection committee that chose Dr. Pozzulo as the winner. … Continue 

$12.8 million, state-of-the-art Alumni Hall and Sports Centre

“Build it and they will come”. The University will see its own “house of dreams” emerge from a barren sports field, thanks in large part to a precedent-setting $2.5 million donation by the Carleton University Alumni Association (CUAA). These funds will be instrumental in building the new $12.8-million, state-of-the-art Alumni Hall and Sports Centre. Drew Love, Director of Physical Recreation and Athletics at Carleton University, points out that, “The contribution … Continue 

Susan Gottheil’s double challenge

Maybe it’s the moniker “double cohort”. Maybe that had something to do with Susan Gottheil’s decision to take on a “double” challenge this year. As Carleton’s Associate Vice President (Enrolment Management), she plays a major role in Continue 

A Banner computer system for Carleton University

It’s not that Carleton’s computer system was broken. But when a museum asks to display your computer, you know it’s getting obsolete. “It’s one of only two CP6s left in the world,” laughs Mark Roman, “the other one is in Norway.” Continue 

The Campus Master Plan sets a vision for the future

What do you like about the Carleton University campus? What do you dislike? And if you could change the campus, how would you change it? These are some of the questions that are being asked of the Carleton community during the consultation process Continue 

Former University of Vermont assistant coach to guide women Raven’s program

Christine Lauzon, a London native, and a graduate of the University of Vermont has been selected the head coach of the Carleton University Women’s Continue 

President’s breakfast sessions provide valuable feedback

For the past two years, President Richard Van Loon has held a series of breakfast meetings with faculty and staff to discuss issues and priorities at Carleton and to get some feedback on successes and concerns. This year, he extended the meetings Continue 

Spring Conference — A Carleton Tradition

Each spring, Carleton faculty, administrators, librarians, and retirees meet at Spring Conference, as they have done for fifty-four years, to share in each other’s’ work. They meet to continue old friendships and to begin new ones. They meet to Continue 

Carleton “THEN”: Doctor Farr

Watching President MacOdrum finish breakfast in bed at the Nova Scotian Hotel in 1947, David Farr could not have known he was about to make the most important career decision of his life. Then a 24-year old teaching at Dalhousie, Farr was being Continue 

Professional Achievement Award (Librarians)

These awards also valued at $1,500 are presented to two professional librarians for outstanding performance. Janet Carson Subject Supervisor, Reference Services When Janet Carson graduated in June 2002 with a Ph.D. in Sociology, she became the Continue 

About Carleton NOW

The trained intelligence of a nation is its greatest asset, greater than any material resource. Henry Marshall Tory, Carleton University Founder Carleton NOW is published monthly (except July) by Advancement through the Department of University Communications. Views expressed or implied do Continue 

In the News

Professor Martin Rudner, Director of the Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies (CCISS) in the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs provided his analysis of the Air India investigation in the Globe and Mail on June 2. — Psychology Professor Tim Pychyl was Continue 

Will washing fruit and vegetables get rid of pesticides?

Carleton University faculty and staff experts answer life’s perplexing questions. Summer always offers a wider selection of fruits and vegetables, Adjunct Professor Jim Lawrence and course graduate Thea Rawn answer the question: Will washing Continue 

Professional Achievement Awards (Lecturer)

Established in 1989, three Lecturer (Instructor) employees are selected based on their outstanding performance in meeting their responsibilities. Each award is valued at $1,500. Cheryl Stout Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice Cheryl Continue 

Teaching Achievement Awards

Teaching Achievement Awards recognize the high quality of instruction at Carleton. Each Award is valued at $15,000. Victor Aitkin Department of Systems and Computer Engineering Victor Aitkin says he has always wanted to teach. Since his first Continue 

Research Achievement Awards

Carleton continued its tradition of rewarding hard work, intellectual achievement and vision, with the announcement of this year’s impressive list of recipients for its 2003-2004, Research, Teaching and Professional Awards. These citations are Continue 

Wonderful West Coast hospitality

Victor Owen, MA/82, is one of more than 30 alumni and prospective students who joined Vice-President (Advancement) Cindy Boucher at a reception Monday, May 5 at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. Boucher provided graduates, prospective students Continue 

Café is golden — again

The Carleton Café alumni Web site has earned another award for excellence — this time a gold medal in the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education’s prestigious Prix D’Excellence awards program. There were over two dozen entries in Continue 

Professor Don Westwood says Learning in Retirement is “perfect”

Picture this: small class sizes; respected professors teaching interesting topics; and no examinations, pre-requisites or other entrance requirements. Sounds Continue 

Industrial Design showcases new talent

Few athletes who call for a time-out to put the squeeze on a bottle of Gatorade will ever know how a Canadian campus, beside a canal nurtured the basics of engineering creativity to score a branding design coup. The famous sport drink was named for Continue 

LWP moves into Leeds

It’s not often that an organization can come up with an innovative idea, sell it to a university and bring it to fruition all within a matter of weeks. But that’s exactly what two Carleton graduates have done—here at their own alma mater. The organization is LiveWorkPlay (LWP), a Continue 

CA*net4 and ORION will enhance future research

A milestone in innovative Internet education and research is about to happen — right here at Carleton. CANARIE, a national Internet development organization, with the help of ORION (Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network) are set to Continue 

Extraordinary Co-op experience

Bruce Cooper is a 4th year Industrial Design student currently on a 16-month co-op placement with Browne & Company. Bruce competed for the position through Carleton’s Co-op office and relocated to Toronto last May. Browne & Company is a Continue 

OMI Conference: an international affair

CD players and DVDs have become consumer dream machines for high-quality personal entertainment. But both boxes illustrate an engineering feat that combines light-detecting electronics with optics so that imbedded laser light can be translated into Continue 

Visiting critics symposium

What is public space? How do we identify with the spaces that we use, find, or pass by, such as the sidewalk, the square, the park, the abandoned lot? How is space public or civic? How does zoning or the automobile contribute to revisions of public Continue 

NPSIA grad on SARS front lines

The patient with respiratory distress was not responding to treatment; he would require advanced care in Hong Kong. It fell to Dr. Greg MacDougall, Chief Medical Officer for International SOS Hanoi, to authorize the airlift of what would turn out Continue 

Petro Canada award winner investigates dropping water levels

For many long generations, water levels in lakes and rivers throughout the continent have been manipulated for various reasons. Now nature is carrying out the Continue 

Two Queen’s Jubilee medal recipients at Carleton

One is long-serving geography professor. One is about to graduate from electrical engineering. But both have the distinction of having been awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medals recently. Professor Mike Fox and Kevin Cheung are just two of Continue 

CU Economics Conference headline

The minutiae of statistical analysis would make a physicist buzz with confusion. But quantitative economic research gradually works its way into economic policy in Canada, affecting everything from how inflation is measured to deregulation of the Continue 

Unsportsmanlike conduct

I was very dismayed to see the picture of Francine Charbonneau on page 7 of the April issue (Journalism internship…). As a “sports journalist” she should know that only teams that have won the Cup are allowed to raise it over their heads. It is frowned upon (dare I say forbidden) Continue 

President’s Letter

Spring is always an exciting and invigorating time at the University. This month, we celebrate our 121st Convocation Ceremony with the largest-ever graduating class of 2,621, some 200 more students than last spring. I am also pleased to note that well-deserved honorary degrees will be Continue 

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