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Maria’s Minute – May 2011

Welcome to the May issue of Carleton Now. This month, we have a feature story about Carleton’s librarian, Margaret Haines. There is also a story about research that a Carleton student is doing about birds and why she finds fowl fascinating. Be sure to check out this month’s poll question about the Monarchy and our photo gallery. Enjoy your read.

Haines proves librarians really can do it all

Someone once told Margaret Haines that librarians can do anything – and it’s something that has stuck with her throughout her distinguished career. Haines, Carleton’s head librarian, was recently renewed for a second five-year term. Her vision for the university’s library was shaped by a mentor many years ago, when Haines took her a job in the U.K. as the National Health Service’s (NHS) director of research and knowledge management. … Continue 

Men’s basketball dynasty leaves fan “awestruck”

At the onset of the second decade of the 21st century, it’s not all that easy to be awestruck. But Dave Smart’s basketball teams leave us that way year after year: Seven national championships in a decade, and possibly—likely—more on the Continue 

Undergrad examines archaeological sites on trip to Middle East

When undergraduate student Anik Laferriere became a research assistant she expected to delve into the tomes of classical authors. What she didn’t anticipate Continue 

Hollywood comes calling for English grad’s circus

Sara Gruen’s vision of the big tent spectacles of yesteryear have been made into a film that is taking theatres by storm. Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson will star in the screen version of Water for Elephants. The book has been on The New Continue 

Volunteers make the world of difference in accessible education at Carleton

Carleton student Hamed Ghaffari says the support he has received from the volunteers at the Paul Menton Centre was paramount to his success at university. Continue 

Male waterbirds carry evidence of unhealthy ecosystem

Stacey Robinson is in her element when she’s up to her elbows in bird guts. It may sound unappetizing, but the 28-year-old biology PhD student finds it exciting to poke around the innards of a fowl. “I think parasites are the coolest things,” Continue 

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