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Maria’s Minute – November 2011

Welcome to the November issue of Carleton Now. This month, there is a package of stories about Convocation which is Nov. 12. There also news stories about earthquakes, the Teron Awards and an update on the return of football to the university. Be sure to check out the photo gallery. Enjoy your read.

Canada due for a massive earthquake?

When will Canada’s next big earthquake strike? John Cassidy can’t say for sure. As far as earthquake science has come in the last 20 years, there’s still no “clear way to predict them,” he says. And if the head of the Geological Survey of Canada’s earthquake seismology section doesn’t know, then, well, no one really does. One thing he does know for sure? Canada will experience an earthquake of epic … Continue 

Quidditch goes from fiction to reality at Canadian universities

Andrea Hill has always been a Harry Potter fan – so when she found out there was a quidditch tournament happening in Vermont, she had to go see it for herself. “I was blown away by what I saw,” said Hill, a fourth-year biology and journalism major who’s also the Carleton’s quidditch team captain. “(Quidditch) is so fun and exciting. People are so enthusiastic and there’s so much sportsmanship. So … Continue 

Architect’s message pays off for students

  Architectural designer William Teron, known as the “Father of Kanata,” says students in the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism are beginning to understand his message to strive for excellence as outstanding holistic lead Continue 

Renewing Carleton’s research office

Carleton’s research office is undergoing a transformation – a change aimed at boosting the university’s externally-funded research by 50 per cent to make it one of Canada’s top comprehensive research-intensive institutions. And Sandra Continue 

Rescuing animals from Thailand floods

When most people think of Thailand, they think of beaches and wild parties. But for me and two other Carleton students, Thailand turned into more than a vacation; it became a chance to help animals rescued from the floods. While volunteering at the Continue 

Former Ravens football player hired as manager of football operations

Step by step, Carleton University football is preparing to hit the field in 2013 after a 15-year hiatus. Carleton Football Inc. hired former Ravens football Continue 

New Clerk of Senate experiences convocation from different perspective

Newly-appointed Clerk of Senate, Katharine Kelly, has seen convocation from both sides now. Prior to taking on her new post in July, Kelly says that as a Continue 

Convocation: Master’s student analyzes historical works of art

Art history graduate Kathryn Desplanque is keen to bring attention to the importance of print material in analyzing historical works of art. Currently pursuing Continue 

Convocation: Governor General’s Medal winner fascinated by math

Dominique Roy has enjoyed mathematics for as long as he can remember. Now 43 and graduating with a master’s degree in mathematics, Roy admits the more he Continue 

Convocation: Chancellor’s Medal winner “bettered” by Carleton experience

As Chancellor’s Medal winner Jason Levesque graduates with an honours bachelor of arts degree in psychology this November, he reflects on his Continue 

Convocation: President’s Medal winner wants to transition into medical field

When President’s Medal winner Meaghan Amanda Lynn Landry began her studies at Carleton University three years ago, she was keen to find a way to Continue 

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