University Safety News


The Department of University Safety (DUS) would like members of the Carleton community to familiarize themselves with and utilize a number of safe walk services that are available on campus to ensure your personal safety.


Those staying late on campus are encouraged to make use of the Safe Path; a route that is well lit, commonly travelled and consists of a number of assistance phones to get in touch with DUS. Individuals that are working late on campus are also encouraged to make use of the DUS’s Working After Hours Program; a free service on evenings, weekends and holidays, where Safety officers will conduct routine patrols at your location and may also provide an escort to your vehicle, bus stop or residence. To register for the Working After Hours Program contact DUS at 613-520-3612.

If you note any suspicious persons or activities, report them to DUS through one of the assistance phones or at 613-520-4444.

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