Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

40 Years

Frances Montgomery, MacOdrum Library

30 Years

Freda Choueiri, Journalism

Louise Heslop, Sprott School of Business

25 Years

Norman Gordon, Computing and Communication Services

Marsha Poole, MacOdrum Library

Susan Samel, MacOdrum Library

20 Years

Valentina Mintchev, Admission Services

15 Years

Faheem-Ud-Din Affan, Awards Office

Stephen Gormley, Computing and Communication Services

Susan Goulding, Awards Office

Michael Hart, International Affairs

Gerardo Reynaga, Computer Science

10 Years

Ryan Davies, University Advancement

Lianne Dubreuil, Interdisciplinary Studies

Karen Lynch, MacOdrum Library

Christina Noja, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

5 Years

Cheryl Auclair, Faculty of Engineering and Design Office of the Dean

Ian Krzyzanowski, Bookstore

Joseph Nelson, Computing and Communication Services

Andrew Riddles, Computing and Communication Services

Lisa Runge, CU OnLine

Clair Switzer, Business Office

Lyly Vuu, Computing and Communication Services

1 Year

Jean-Philippe Asselin, Recreation and Athletics

Michael Corkum, Computing and Communication Services

Sheryl Hunt, Recreation and Athletics

John Meissner, Paul Menton Centre

Megan Richardson, University Advancement

Samah Sabra, Educational Development Centre

David Taylor, Student Academic Success Centre

Shyla Taylor, MacOdrum Library

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