Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

40 Years

Trish O’Flaherty, MacOdrum Library

30 Years

Pat Kalyniak, Physics

Joan Mallett, Biology

Larry Munn, Instructional Media Services

25 Years

Paul Blackman, Recreation and Athletics

Judy Eddy, Geography and Environmental Studies

Barb Higgins, Law and Legal Studies

Christine Mullin, MacOdrum Library

Heather Murray, Parking Services

Denize Tan, MacOdrum Library

20 Years

Andre Castonguay, Facilities Management and Planning

Neil McFadyen, MacOdrum Library

Christa Pigeon, Housing and Residence Life Services

Petr Srna, Admission Services

Delmar Whyte, Facilities Management and Planning

15 Years

Colleen Boucher, Human Resources

Donna Coghill, Political Economy

Tina Dewar, Finance Office

Nina Karhu, Instructional Media Services

Patricia Paquette, MacOdrum Library

10 Years

Maya Anderson, Business Office

Janice Clark, Computing and Communication Services

Deborah Casselman, Sprott School of Business

Kyle Gallinger, University Safety

Jason Goveas, Paul Menton Centre

Ryan Kuhne, Educational Development Centre

Laurie Pelow, Scheduling and Examination Services

Derek Saikali, CUOL

Lesley Samuel, Business Office

5 Years

Shalen Bradford, University Advancement

Lana Graham, Mathematics and Statistics

Thomas Gregoire, Physics

Jennifer Harrington, University Safety

Wade Vienneau, Computing and Communication Services

Paula Wells, Undergraduate Recruitment Office

Angela Winder, Pension Management

Walter Zanetti, Industrial Design

Ramune Zitikiene, Office of the Dean of Engineering

1 Year

Christina Atallah, Educational Development Centre

Brigid Bedard-Hinz, Office of VP Research and International

Amy Cunningham, Provost and VP (Academic)

Mary Giles, Public Policy and Administration

Kristin Guth, Office of the Dean of Science

Alison Jabi, Information Technology

William Johnson, Student Experience Office

Subo Leenasrajah, Finance Office

Edward Li, CUOL

Ian Lloy, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Patrick Monaghan, Finance Office

Sangeetha Nair, Computing and Communication Services

Lisa Polito, Political Science

Joshua Shaw, Recreation and Athletics

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