Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

35 Years

Donna Egan, Business Office

30 Years

Robert Shepherd, Graphic Services

25 Years

Elly Alboim, Journalism and Communication

Doug Young, MacOdrum Library

20 Years

David Carment, International Affairs

Ela Kesik, MacOdrum Library

Daniel Richard, Facilities Management & Planning

Judith Srna, Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

15 Years

Neil Courtemanche, Human Resources

Jane Fry, MacOdrum Library

Marie-France Keatley, University Safety

Fred Nitzsche, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Mika Yoshimoto, Linguistics and Language Studies

10 Years

Jade Brayman, Student Academic Success Centre

Bei Chapman, Computing and Communication Services

Bill Chisholm, Computing and Communication Services

Dave Elliott, CUOL

Peggy Hartwick, Linguistics and Language Studies

Irvin Hill, Equity Services

Tyler King, Graphic Services

Pam Ramsay, Career Development and Co-op Education

Nadine Smith, Recreation and Athletics

Elio Velazquez, Research and Planning

Connie Wall, Linguistics and Language Studies

5 Years

Ryan Farrell, Business Office

Samantha Farrell, MacOdrum Library

Fathia Jumale, Health & Counselling Services

Julia Wallace, Integrated Science

Pamela Williamson, MacOdrum Library

1 Year

Brandon Fodden, Mathematics and Statistics

Jaime Garcia-Zamorano, Computing and Communication Services

Aliesha Hosein, Office of the President

David Legierski, MacOdrum Library

Ian Pulsifer, Biology

Krista Sayeau, University Safety

Jesse Vermaire, Environmental Science

Nicolas Westcott, Recreation and Athletics

Jennifer Whitney, MacOdrum Library

Jessica Whitney, Psychology


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