University Safety News


As a new school year begins, a large number of students, staff and faculty will be making their way back on to campus. The Department of University Safety (DUS) would like to take this opportunity to remind the Carleton community of a number of safety tips to ensure the safety of both person and property while attending campus, whether it is within residence, classrooms or offices.


Never prop open building doors or let people into secure buildings if you don’t know them. If you are departing from your residence or office, don’t leave valuables out in plain view and make sure to close any windows. Always ensure that you keep your doors locked when you are away, and never lend out your keys to others. For additional security, consider utilizing DUS’s crime prevention programs that are in place, such as Operation Identification, STOP Theft Laptop Program, Working Alone at Night and a variety of others. Visit our website at for more information on these programs.

If you encounter anything suspicious while on campus, please report it to University Safety at 613-520-4444.

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